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Water turbines

The new version of S-AQUA MILL is characterised by two types of water spray (with droplets or nebulized) and is ideal for precision milling of ceramics. The cooling water spray avoids the generation of heat during the working phases, preventing any microfractures of the artifact. * Speed: 320,000 g/M * Handpiece with rotatable ring * reduced vibration and noise * does not require lubrication * Direct water system * dustproof mechanism * NSK compatible handpiece


Air turbines

Ideal tool for the processing of ceramic artifacts. The air turbine speeds up the machining by improving the precision level of the finished product, without resorting to annoying means of lubrication. * Speed 320,000 G/m * Handpiece with rotating ring * reduced vibration and noise * does not require lubrication * dust-proof mechanism. NSK compatible Handpiece


Dry Compressor 24 litres

Tiger oiless fixed electric compressor without lubrication. Available in versions with and without absorption dryer. Fully automatic operation, complete with filter for pressure regulator and condensate drain, use gauge and tank pressure gauge. Motor with thermal protection. Tank Type CE (EEC regulation 87/404) completely protected with anti-oxidation painting and complete with condensate drain tap. Tiger oiless compressors are all MADE IN ITALY


Blowtorch for compressed air + GAS

Propane or methane. Complete with 3 tips. Operating temperature 1300 ° C.


Induction Bunsen LAB 213/00

Electronic induction Bunsen to operate with practicality and precision. The Bunsen heats the spatula in less than two seconds: a sensor located above the induction chamber detects the presence and activates the heating phase, as well as interrupts it when you move away from the working area. Immediate heating of the instrument. Precise and safe, since without a free flame. Induction technology.


sandblaster skylab

Each chamber has totally independent controls: air pressure adjustment display of pressure by means of manometer activation of suction self-contained lighting self-contained sand spraying Inside each chamber there is: air gun for cleaning the manufactured products handpiece for sand spraying sieve for filtering the sand plug for dividing pure sand and used sand steel object holder grill


renhe 119

MICROMOTOR 65 WATT SPEED 35.000 G/M TORQUE: 3,00 Ncm Carbon brush micromotor. Heavy and durable. Ergonomic and compact design. High performance. High accuracy of rotation. Minimal noise and vibration Speed: from 1.000 to 35.000 rpm - Reverse: 5.000 rpm max - Power absorbed: 65 Watt - Torque: 3,00 Ncm max - Feeding: 230 V – 50/60 Hz - Hand speed control - Foot switch ON/OFF - Quick clamping fixing - Handpiece weight: 200 g (without cable) - Control unit weight: 970 g - Standard size collet: ø 2,35 mm (ø 3,00 mm upon request


Bunsen – Natural Gas

The new UNIGAS burner with thermocouple complies with the latest law regulations. It can be used with all kinds of gases and at any pressure thanks to a new universal nozzle. The thermocouple is made up of a valve block and a sensor unit. This thermocouple is a safety device which stops the gas flow in case the flame estinguishes, so avoiding a possible gas saturation of the environment.


major plus

4 LAYERS ACRYLIC TEETH. Specifically developed to achieve prestigious functional and aesthetic results in the modern prosthetic. Manufactured with acrylic material, the posterior moulds are available in both Anatomical, Technical and WFA version. The complete assortment of 48 anterior moulds and 26 posterior moulds. The MAJOR PLUS WFA tooth follows the mounting philosophy according to Prof. Albert Gerber, the palatal cusp of the upper 5th, 6th and 7th tooth occludes in the respective fossa of the lower 5th, 6th and 7th tooth; in the 4th tooth this occlusion is reversed. The term WFA (Wide Functional Area) indicates the type of occlusion done during the mastication, when not only one point of contact is affected but a large functional area of around 2 mm. The need to simplify and speed up the clinical and technical procedures, maintaining high quality standard, suggested the selection of three posterior moulds: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE adaptable to any of the anterior Major Plus moulds.


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