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Conditions of Sale: In This site you find what you need to your job, and only you pay. You will not be added shipping charges, “practical management” expenses, no packing fees, no ancillary expense. Payment on the mark. Minimum order €. 250,00. Send your order to:

You will receive an email in which we confirm the dispatch of the goods and the total to be paid to the courier. All this from your studio, with your computer. The information on this site is addressed to professionals or experts in the field. Therefore, by accessing its contents you declare to be a professional in the dental sector.



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ASM 30 Art. 6185F ASM 30 with Argon art. 6185FA the Fuser mod. ASM 30 is a fully automatic die-casting fuser. Simply a simple gesture to activate the entire casting process: vacuum, tipping, compression and cooling, all without human intervention. Thanks to its special resistance, ASM 30 can melt all types of alloys, noble, Palladian, half-noble, base and even alloys with the presence of titanium. ASM 30 is equipped with serial connector for connection to PC, which allows through a special software to be able to store all the data related to each cycle of fusion. On request, the Fuser can be equipped with an Argon gas device. Argon gas is used to reduce the oxidation of the alloys by creating a gas-saturated environment that does not allow the melting metal to come into contact with the external oxygen which is the main cause of oxidation. ASM 30, comes with accessory kit consisting of: various crucibles, cylinders of various sizes, rubber bases of various sizes, 1 cylinder caliper, 1 protective Goggles, 1 pack of flux pads. The heating block: The heart of the Fuser. The electrical resistance is the fulcrum of the entire fuser, a decisive component on which TECNO-Gaz has concentrated its investments. This is a concentrate of chemical and mechanical technology that has required in-depth studies by different companies, which have contributed to the development of the project and to the achievement of an extraordinary result, both in terms of performance and Terms of reliability. All the electrical contacts are managed by an aluminium bar system, which, unlike the normal electrical cables, avoids expensive cooling systems and periodical maintenance. The resistance has a safe mounting system, designed to absorb shocks and not give in to high temperatures. The heating block is formed by a closed monobloc where the resistance is contained, insulated by a ceramic muffle that ensures insulation and protection to the resistance. In the lower part there is the connection block and the locking system of the flask. In the upper part is located the compartment for the insertion of the Crucible.





PT MASTER 3 is the innovative presenter designed for absolutely painless paradontl treatment. PT MASTER 3 is disitingue for its innovative ultrasound technology, maximum efficiency and high performance. Thanks to the minimal vibrations, with an amplitude of only 20-60 µm, the treatment is absolutely painless and comfortable for the patient. -Circular vibrations for a better dispersion deella impact force between insert and tooth-DESIGN of inserts designed specifically for PARADONTL treatments-inserts made of titanium, more flexible, comfortable, delicate on the teeth, does not give Ggiano the Ultra sensitive enamel-TOUCH system, water proof-control panel easy to use, variation of the vibration power of simple setting and control by progressive indicator-automatic water supply system, Simple and fast to recharge through the opening lid on the tank-usable disinfectant solutions, signalling on the tank of the 20 ML recommended for the use of chemical solutions-design of the accurate control unit-Handpiece with TECN LED Ologia, thanks to the light anabagliante you have a better visibility of the site-autoclavable Handpiece equipped with 2 handpieces, 8 inserts and 2 torque wrenches

d1 - Copia


d2 - Copia



3.5 Bar-Steam generator for the decontamination and cleaning of metals, ceramic,resins,models,cutters,etc.

cleaner 150€ 824,00

The boiler has a capacity of 5 litres and is completely made from robotized welded AINSI stainless steel. The latest model has a stainless steel construction and offers innovative solutions that guarantee years of reliable performance with minumum maintenance required. The steam gun is thermoinsulating and has four different nozzles. The steam ejection function is pedal-operated,to prevent the risk of accidental electrocution caused by humidity. Constructed and tested in compliance with EC norms. *Working pressure: 3,5 bar *Heater capacity: 5 Lt *Dimensions: 22 x 34 x 40 cm *Weight: 12 Kg.


occhiali-binoculari-colore-gold Fast fixing e removal of LED – 15,000 / 30,000 Lux adjustable shading illumination, 5500 Kelvin natural light effect – Adjustable working distance from 32 to 42 cm for better focus – Adjusting the binocular position 30 ° -45 ° with respect to the horizontal axis, this allows better vision of the site while maintaining a proper upright posture – Interpupillary adjustment – Adjustable sealing tape, immobilizes the magnifying system to the head by reducing the load on the nose. Can be used as a strap for sunglasses when not worn.

  • * Magnification: 2.5 X
  • * Working distance: 320 – 420 mm
  • * Adjustable angle display
  • * Large depth of field
  • * Lamp LED – Hight Intensity: 15.000/30.000 Lux
  • * Natural light 5500 Kelvin
  • * Continuous work. 5 hours
  • * Bulb power: 3 Watt
  • * Bulb life: 10.000 hours
  • * Glasses with LED weight: 105g



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