dental lab

trimmer sd easy 1200

Description SW1200 – SD 1200- SDEASY1200 Trimmer of new concept, created with an ergonomic and rational design. It mounts a powerful, balanced and at an angle of 10 ° motor. The body front is made in plastic material and got by injection , the back is made in metal. Reference lines with precision adjustment are engraved on the working stainless steel plate for grinding and the two large lateral supports ensure safety at work. The equipment is supplied with safety switch, solenoid valve and stopcock for water as well as outlet for the automatic operation of the suction unit. All connections are located on the back with tubes for water loading and discharge SD1200 version with diamond disc in aluminum that can work both dry connecting to the suction unit (ASX1027) that for water use by connecting to the water system through the provided pipes . SW1200 version with bakelite disc for water use by connecting to the water supply trough the provided pipes. SDEASY1200 Dry version with flexible abrasive discs in corundum, that are fasten to the support through the strap. Advantage of this equipment is the fast removal of the plaster during the squaring of the model. SDEASY 4 flexible abrasive discs in corundum


mixer mxrt

Description Mixer MX4N – MXR Suitable for mixing any type of plaster, coating and silicone in air absence. They are equipped with a powerful and low-noise motor reducer, a dry running vacuum pump, a very precise electronic timer with display and buzzer stop. The mixers can be placed either on the table (T version with support MX270) or fixed to the wall (W version with wall bracket MX260) and are always supplied with a cup of 500 cc (MX210). Version MX4 has a fixed speed and unidirectional rotation. Version MXR has : – 30 automatic mixing cycles: 10 for plaster, 10 for coating and 10 for alginate. – manual cycles with pre-mix in which we can change at will the mixing times. Each program stores the times, the speed and the sense of rotation that allow the most correct mixing with an extreme simplicity of use. The CUPS, with capacity 200cc, 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc , are made in SAN material ,stainless steel paddle and filter. It’s available a 200cc cup specific for alginate mixing (MX205) to use with MXR only.


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