The lamp D6-HEXA allows to obtain an aoptimum illumination of the surgical field without shadow zones. The Lamp D6 produces excellent ntarual light with an excellent range of colors for both the teeth that for differentiation sof tissue. the 9 levels of brighttness (from 10.000 to 60.000 lux) allow to obtain optimal illumination for each surgery condition. Maximum comfort for the eyes: The lamp D6 produces a correct color of illumination so as not to tire the eyes during longer operations Excellent range of colors: Each LED bulb lamp is optimized to get a vision colors as close as possible to how they would appear with natural daylight:. The Lamp uses p LED bulbs with high range of colors. Minimum heat radiation: The Lamp D6 has no irradiation of heat such as conventional quarzt lamps improving patient and operators comfort during interventions. More over, the system of famless cooling allows for better dissipation of the heat produced, by prolonging the life of the LED.



Features: - 100,000 Lux at 1 m - indirect light with 12 elliptical reflectors. They reflect the light rays emitted by the LEDs. It does not dazzle and does not tire the eyes. PENTALED is a perfect combination of advanced technology, innovation, ergonomics and a compact, ultra-light and handy design structure. Available in 5 versions (floor lamp, ceiling light, double ceiling light, floor lamp with battery and wall unit); its technical characteristics make PENTALED a suitable instrument for precise operations, diagnostic use, operating rooms and small surgical interventions. The version with battery pack, with an autonomy of 3 hours, is also available on request in the wall and ceiling models. • Cold LED light Cold and bright light faithfully reproduces colors, ensuring excellent definition of details. • Ergonomic PENTALED can be easily rotated on 4 axes: - the dome rotates completely 360 ° - the arms move vertically thanks to a spring balancing system - the reflector can be rotated on the vertical and horizontal axis. All movements are possible thanks to the sterilizable handle. The low consumption power supply and the dispersion of heat through the aluminum dome ensure the LED's life of 50,000 hours. Light intensity adjustment Light intensity adjustable through digital controls. The ultra-flat illuminating rim is equipped with an ultra-resistant polycarbonate screen which ensures maximum protection against accidental impacts. Digital control of light intensity adjustment with visual indication of the intensity settings.


sterilair plus tecno-gaz

Airborne contaminations have always been a serious problem in our society, in fact there are many diseases transmitted by air, such as meningitis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, mumps, to get to the simple influences, colds and new flu forms that occur. are presented in recent years, such as avian and swine. Some healthcare environments then take on more critical issues, for example dental ones, where the sprays and ultrasounds used, create a greater diffusion of micro particles which are then transported into the environment. Tecno-Gaz has a system called Sterilair Pro, certified for air sterilization, through irradiation and elimination of all microbial agents including pathogens. Sterilair Pro has a flow rate of 130 cubic meters per hour. Adopting a disinfection system means: Reduce the risk of operator contamination, as also required by the consolidated text on safety Reduce or eliminate costs and lost profits, resulting from long sick leave Reduce or eliminate risks for patients or the population Having a bacteriologically pure environment Sterilair PLUS is an indispensable product, which has a low cost and generates a service of enormous social utility.