Wireless handpiece for FI-P fillings

Wireless handpiece for FI-P fillings Scope of application: used in the root canal obturation phase in endodontic treatment, using the vertical compaction technique. – Super-fast heating: only 0.2 seconds to get the necessary heat in the tip – 0.35mm pre-bending tip: the thinnest tips can penetrate deep into the narrow root canal, providing a better therapeutic effect – Control of the high precision temperature: constant and precise temperature at the set point prevents burns and helps to perform a cleaner filling in less time. – High-performance conversion system – The high-efficiency conversion system guarantees smooth gutta-percha cutting – Working temperatures (150 ° C, 180 ° C, 200 ° C, 230 ° C) are able to meet the needs of different brands on the market. – Increased durability (4 hours of autonomy): large capacity battery and special heating systems allow 1500 operations on a full charge – Ergonomic design: makes it easy to grip and use – 4 tips available in different sizes

777.00 €

FI-G gutta gun

FI-G gutta gun Scope of application: Used only in endodontic filling with gutta-percha or root canal sealant. Fi-G is equipped with gutta-percha injection needle and heat insulation, cap to warm and soften the gutta-percha to fill the root canal. – Rapid heating within 15 seconds: within 15 seconds you are able to start working – 0.5 mm injection needle: easily reaches the apical 3 mm of the canal contributing to better filling. – Freedom of movement: the injection needle made with a special technology can be freely rotated 360 degrees to facilitate multi-angle filling. – Dual screen display: an excellent dual display design allows convenient operations in different angles and tooth positions (for both right and left handed) – More safety and more control: the shutdown mechanism activates automatically if not done operation for 10 minutes – Four preset temperatures, accurately control the filling amount (150 ° C-180 ° C-200 ° C-230 ° C) – 6 sizes of needle can be ordered Promotion: € 877

877.00 €

ai motor

862/00 [white] – 864/00 [pink] reciprocating movement. integrated apical detector. preset Ni-Ti settings.

945.00 €

endo smart 858/00

Wireless Endodontic Micromotor, easy to use, manageable and light. Functions: Forward / Reverse OLED screen: perfect black for maximum intelligibility Rotating contra-angle: 6 different working angles Thumbnail Head: for better access even in the most difficult areas Torque autocalibration system: minimization of the fluctuations in performance caused by sterilization Wireless charging Lithium battery: 2600 mAh 9 customizable programs: program storage during its operation Torque: 0.6-5.0 Ncm Rotation speed: 100-1000 g / m

429.00 €

endo radar

– Ergonomic design by Italy – Original German electro.motor – Mini contra-angle – Fits all popular brand of Ni-Ti files – Three auto-reverse modes – 8 adjustable programme selections – Torque range: 0,6 – 4,0 Ncm – Speed range: 100 – 650 rpm Brochure_Endo_radar:https://mcmedicale.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/endo-radar-brochure-ita.pdf

899.00 €

woodpex V plus

Woodpex V is a new LCD generation apex locator that allows you to determine root canal length quickly, easily and accurately. Constant monitoring of the depth of your root canal treatments enables you to reach exactly the right apical depth without risking the breakage of thin instruments. Your patient too derives a significant benefit: elimination of the need for unpleasant, oldstyle X-rays with an instrument inserted in the root canal. Modern and compact design, along with the absence of trailing power cables lets you position this instrument for an easy view of the display. Woodpex V does not even require calibration as it uses different frequencies of electrical current and calculates the ratio between their impedances. Maximum safety is guaranteed by the presence of an intuitive graphic and a numeric value. The instrument even sounds an acoustic warning when the limit of the apex is approached.

199.00 €