b-cure plus 681/00

– Enhanced light intensity: Up to 3000 mw / cm2 – Broadband frequency: The wide working spectrum (from 385nm to 515 nm) allows an effective polymerization even of the most modern composites. – Double battery included: 2 x 750 mAh – Metal head: high temperature resistance, maximum patient comfort. – Specific modality dedicated to orthodontics (Ortho) – Specific design for easy handling and usability – 5 different issuing methods: Soft (Incremental up to 1,200 mW / cm²) Normal (Constante up to 1,200 mW / cm²) Pulsed (Square Wave: 0.8 On – 0.2 Off) Turbo (Constant 2,800 up to 3,000 mW / cm²) Ortho (Square wave cycles up to 5 seconds)

189,00 €

led b 655/00

– Wireless – Time setting: 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 seconds – Large capacity battery. a full charge can be used more than500 time continuosly under 10 sec. working time mode. – Low standby power consumption with seventy day’s standby time – Constant light intensity. The solidification effect is stable even the battery power decreases.

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LED technology lamp that covers every field of application thanks to three specific programs: – HIGH POWER: for rapid polymerization; – LOW POWER: for a polymerization in the vicinity of the pulp (e.g. adhesives, sealants, fluid resins) – SOFT START: for a polymerization with reduced shrinkage stress, particularly suitable for composites. The charging station is equipped with a radiometer for checking efficiency.

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