interproximal stripping

The contra-angle with linear movement (up and down) is the most efficient automatic system for the rapid opening of the tight interdental contacts, the controlled and calibrated reduction of slight crowding, the correction of dento-alveolar discrepancies and the reduction of the “black triangles” due to the absence of papilla. Complete Starter Kit: 1 contra-angle 4: 1 reduction Maximum speed 10,000 g / m for a total of 20,000 movements per minute. Clear view of the area to be treated thanks to the small head size 10 Perforated and diamond files 15 µm | 25 µm | 40 µm | 60 µm | 90 µm 6 Steel thickness gauges 0.10mm-0.15mm-0.20mm-0,30mm-0.40mm-0.50mm Offer:€249,00-no taxes for U.E.