endo radar – endodontic micromotor

The innovative motor has a continuous and reciprocating movement. The slim, well-balanced and cordless handpiece allows absolute freedom of movement also thanks to the tactile ON / OFF button. The autoclavable miniaturized contra-angle head ensures easy access and excellent visibility. Technical Features: Ergonomic design – Apical locator included. Integrated setting of the main Ni-Ti files. Wireless technology. 3 different auto-reverse modes. Reciprocating function. Accurate control of the reciprocating angle. Up to 8 different customizable programs. – Ergonomic design by Italy – German electro.motor – Mini contra-angle – Fits all popular brand of Ni-Ti files – Three auto-reverse modes – Reciprocating mode – 8 adjustable programme selections – Torque range: 0,6 – 4,0 Ncm – Speed range: 100 – 650 rpm