Implantology motor Warranty 24 Months

• Completely produced in Italy. • Quality of materials and reliability confirmed by over 20 years of experience In the industry. • User-friendly control panel. • High reliability, maximum accuracy, easy to use. • Powerful and ultra-compact electric motor. • Induction Micromotor with fully autoclavable bead. • 5 customizable programs with 4 parameters that meet all the Intervention needs. • An alphanumeric LCD Display 122×43 mm, easy to read. • Optimum ergonomics of the handpiece, to work effortlessly. • No vibration to provide maximum comfort to both you and your Patients. • Constant power at any speed and torque. • Torque 69Ncm with Handpiece 20:1. • Innovative and easy to use multifunction pedal board, for “free” hands During the surgery. • Easy to carry thanks to the practical briefcase provided.