C-smart mini 2

Wireless handpiece, simple and lightness - Slim for clearer sight - Keyboard operating easy to use - Original switzerland surgical brushless motor - File rotates clockwise when torque disappears - Detachable 1:1 contra angkle, multi amgle, ca be autoclaved sterilization - Rotation speed and toprque can be programmed to 9 settings - Reciprocating cutting mode - Non-contact recharge design - Auto power off and memory function - Settings for adjustable rotarional speed ranging from 125 to 625 rpm - Adjustable torque, range: 0.6-3.9 Ncm - Easy acces and Excellent visibility: miniature head allows acces even to the most diffiicult to reach areas, slim neck assures higher visibility - LED screen display, Keyboard operating, correction mode - Calibration function for more precise rotation speed and torque setting - Safety for delicate endodontic treatment: smart Auto reverse & Alarma function for safer endodontic procedures; The feedback circuit keeps stable rotation even when the load on the motor handpeice changes; power turns off atuomatically to improve safety ancd save energy - Non-contact rechange design; prevents improper charging due to deterioration of metallic terminal - High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery - Stress free for more comfort: cordelss handpeice delivers freedom of movement; lightweight, ergonomic design - Speedy for efficent treatment: User definable 5 preset, speed, torque autoreverse mode, automatically shut down afeter 3 minutec withour any opertation and memeorized the last executed program